We bring to the market world-class consultancy services to support stakeholders in Power Systems projects.

Our contribution is based on ample experience with HVDC and FACTS activities, from network planning and conceptual system designs to all stages in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Testing, Operation and Maintenance during commercial operation. We cover the whole system to ensure optimum coordination and overall superior system performance or if required we can concentrate on one of the major components in particular.

Power Electronics projects are highly technical, however investors, developers, lenders and owners are often interested in its short and long term financial results together with associated minimization of costs and liabilities. Our experience is best used when all technical, commercial, legal, financial aspects are present in decision-making or evaluation processes where either alternatives must be sought or must be discarded.

An experienced approach combined with fresh, flexible and original thinking is our trade mark. We encourage new ideas as applications and market conditions change. We follow these up with a fresh practical approach based on vast experience and most importantly, we strive to be our clients’ choice in each and every step of the way.